Available at Sharjah Library self-check-in & self-checkout machine with height-adjustable feature, a service that can give users the flexibility to adjust the entire kiosk at any point during the self-service transaction.
Steps to use self-borrowing service :
1. To borrow books, tap on “borrow”
2. Click on "Enter Account Number" and then enter your ID in the ID reader or type the number.
3. Place the books to be borrowed on the surface of the device.
4. Make sure that all the titles to borrow appear on the device screen.
5. When finished, tap on Print Receipt.
Steps to return books:
1. To return the books, tap on “Return”
2. Place the books to be returned on the surface of the device.
3. Make sure that all titles to be returned appear on the device’s screen.
4. When finished, tap “Print Receipt”.