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About the book club at Sharjah Public Library?

  • Who can join the book club?

    Every passionate reader can join the book club; it is ideal for exchanging knowledge and reading experiences.

  • Are there any fees to join the book club?

    There are no fees for registration or joining the club; we aim to spend fruitful time filled with literature together.

  • What is the process of selecting the books?

    We give our audience the chance to decide the upcoming book title through a poll on our website page two weeks before the book discussion session.

  • How is the book club organized especially given the current pandemic?

    The discussion sessions are currently hosted virtually. Based on the official health updates, on-location discussion sessions will be announced.

  • Does the book club focus on a specific genre of books?

    We aim to suggest a variety of book genres that are suitable for all tastes

  • Should the members read the whole book before attending the discussion session?

    It is preferable to read the entire book or just parts of it to comprehend the book content.