Electronic Resources

Members can access more than 6 million electronic information resources ranging from audiobooks to videos, eBooks, academic dissertations, theses, scientific studies, manuscripts, rare books and many more for all ages and in more than 10 languages. The Digital Library comprises 21,000 scientific studies, a library of 30,000 videos in all disciplines, 160,000 eBooks, 5 million academic dissertations and theses, in addition to a collection of manuscripts, rare books and audiobooks.
SPL memberships enables electronic circulation only, and access to all electronic sources. It allows access to the LinkedIn Learning; an expert-led online video tutorials accessed anytime, anywhere.
All users need to do is create their user profiles by accessing the following registrations link: 
To gain access to the E-resources, you need to be a member at Sharjah Public Libraries, for more information click “Here”.