Precautionary Measures

Dear Sharjah Public Libraries Visitors and Members
Greetings of the day,
Addressing the precautionary measures implemented in Sharjah Public Libraries, and in line with the emirate’s directives in creating a balance between public health and various vital sectors, and in support of national efforts to achieve sustainable recovery and return to the normal life in the country, the following has been decided:
First: Reducing the degrees of precautionary and preventive measures in Sharjah Public Libraries.
Second: All shall adhere to the set precautionary and preventive measures to ensure and maintain public health and safety:
  • Social distancing is applied among all.
  • Wearing facemask when entering the library and until exiting it.
  • Refrain from visiting the library when experiencing symptoms such as coughing and cold.
Kindly adhere to the above to ensure your and our safety, as prevention is the responsibility of all. The Library will implement the above starting Monday, May 9, 2022.
Kind Regards,