Hall Reservation Policy


One of Sharjah Public Libraries main objectives is to provide various services that meet the different needs of our diverse community, and encourage the sustainability of an educated and participatory community. Sharjah Public Libraries in its various branches provided multi-purpose halls for conducting presentations, meetings, training programs or various events. These halls have been made available for reservation and all needed to ensure that completion of a successful event or program.



This framework covers all reservation requests of Sharjah Public Libraries facilities for different reservation purposes.


Type of Beneficiary

♦  Government Bodies

♦  Private Organizations

♦  Researches

♦  Individuals


Available Facilities

Branch Hall Area m2 Capacity



Sharjah Public Library

Multi-purpose Hall 45 m2 10
Multi-purpose Hall 70 m2 22
Theatre 90 m2 55
Al Dhaid Public Library Multi-purpose Hall 115 m2 65
Wadi Al Hilo Public Library Multi-purpose Hall 115 m2 65
Dibba Al Hisn Public Library Multi-purpose Hall 160 m2 65


Available services

  Available Services

Multi-purpose Halls
Audiovisual projectors
Sound system
Flipcharts and pens
High-speed Internet (Wi-Fi)
Telephone set as needed
Remote Presentation USB Control
Announce the event on display screens in the library.
Furniture: Furniture is organized according to the requirements.



  Available Services

Audiovisual projectors
Sound system
Lighting control system
High-speed Internet (Wi-Fi)
Remote Presentation USB Control
Announce the event on display screens in the library.


Facilities Available According to Type of Beneficiary

  Hall Area m2 Gov. Bodies Private Org. Researchers Individuals
Sharjah Public Library Multi-purpose Hall 45 m2
Multi-purpose Hall 70 m2  


90 m2
Al Dhaid Public Library Multi-purpose Hall 115 m2    
Wadi Al Hilo Public Library Multi-purpose Hall 115 m2    
Dibba Al Hisn Public Library Multi-purpose Hall 160 m2    


General Guidelines


Reservation Date

Reservations are requested (at least 4 weeks prior to proposed reservation date) through online service available at the Sharjah Public Libraries website: https://shjlib.gov.ae/


Reservation Coordinator

The beneficiary must specify the name of the person responsible for the event or program, and the person authorized to complete the administrative procedures upon reservation.


Activity or Program Agenda

Submit a copy of the event or program agenda, including the start and end date and time, provided that the event end time must not exceed specified time when reservations were made.


Additional works

It is mandatory to inform the facility engineer of any additional add-ons to the systems (sound / lighting) with prior request and notification to install. Such installment will be it under supervision, while bearing full responsibility for any damages that may result from it towards individuals or library facilities and its contents. Taking into account not to make any unauthorized changes as general rule.


Food and Beverages

It is forbidden to bring food and beverages of any kind into the library facilities at any time, whether during preparation or during the event or the program.


Safety of Facilities

The beneficiary bears full responsibility for the safety of all amenities inside and outside the halls, general public and individuals affiliated with it during the establishment of the program or event.


Extra Charge

Hall reservation fee includes all available services, but the beneficiary will bear additional fees:


Scientific Research Fees

Only AED 10.



The value of the reservation fee is added to the value of the added tax by 5%.


Advertising Fees

Sharjah Public Libraries offer the service of advertising via text messages, for an amount = 100 AED only. Service provided upon request. 


Reservation Process


Special rates for Sharjah Public Libraries members




Government Bodies 50%
Private Entities 25%
Researchers 50%
Individuals 50%

Appropriate Membership Category is required.


Adopted Forms

♦  Official Visit Request Form. Click here.