School Visit Request


Libraries being an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools, Sharjah Public Libraries (SPL) works towards inspiring the intellectual curiosity of generations of knowledge pursuers by creating easy and equal access to information in a safe and supportive educational environment. To help impact positively on the academic achievement of the students, we welcome schools to connect and engage in ambitions to achieve objective for mutual benefits.



This framework covers all: Special Educational Needs Schools, Mainstream schools (Public and Private). From PK - 12 (Pre-kindergarten) to 12th grade. Visit requests to Sharjah Public Libraries for different visiting purposes.



♦ Build a strong educational partnership network.

♦ Provide study support and out-of-hours learning.

♦ Provide study support and out-of-hours learning.

♦ Achieve positive change in educational based services.

♦ Provide support and guidance in different library services.

♦ Exchange expertise and experiences with School Librarians and Teachers.


Types of Visits

♦ A visit to conduct a Library lesson.

♦  A visit to conduct a specific lesson of different subjects.

♦  A volunteering day at the library.

♦  A visit to attend an activity or an event.


General Guidelines


The dates of the visit:

Dates are coordinated in advance (minimum of 7 working days prior to proposed visit date) by means of correspondence with Sharjah Public Libraries Administration

Note: Sharjah Public Libraries do not accept same day requests, to ensure safe movement flow.

♦  Note: Requests are sent via web service only.


Supervisory Staff

The supervisors should be teachers or administrators actually working in the concerned school. The number of supervisory staff on visits should be determined as follows – every 15 students should be assigned to one supervisor.


The preparation of the program

In preparation of the program of visit, the requests sent in advance to Sharjah Public Libraries Administration are prioritized. Program is prepared according to purpose of visit.

♦ Note: When preparing the program for the visit, one is guided by the principle of mutuality.


The list of attendees

The complete list of the students and supervisors should be reconfirmed and submitted to Sharjah Public Libraries Administration 2 working days before the visit.


Meeting and Seeing off

As a rule, Librarians and Activities Coordinators will meet and see off the school party.



On the basis of Sharjah Public Libraries Administration request the visit may be photographed and documented to keep a record of visits for quality assurance purposes, and other reporting requirements.

On special occasions, the visit may be recorded and photographed for press release. Schools will be informed in advance to obtain necessary permission from all concerned parties if needed.


Adopted Forms

♦ School Visit Request Form. Click here.