SPL enhances culture of reading with 33 activities during January

Date: - Feb 01, 2023

In January, the Sharjah Public Library (SPL) organised a diverse array of activities, including panels and interactive workshops, to promote the importance of reading among members of society.
The initiatives were designed to align with Sharjah's directives to raise awareness, enhance a sense of cultural belonging, and to provide a set of skills and appropriate behaviour among the youth, to help them become key contributors to Sharjah's leadership and the UAE's global position.
Eman Bushlaibi, Director of Sharjah Public Libraries, commented on the activities, saying, "In an effort to meet the needs of various societal groups, particularly children and youth, we organised these interactive activities. We are working to strengthen SPL's presence and influence among members of society, making it a platform for not only developing life skills and mental capabilities, but also introducing them to the arts and leading a healthy life, in line with our mission of developing the literacy of people and serving the community."
Sharjah Public Library
Sharjah Public Library organised 33 in-person and virtual activities in January, targeting different age groups and distributed among the main library and its five branches in Khorfakkan, Kalba, Al Dhaid, Dibba Al Hisn, and Wadi Al Helo. Some of the activities included "Know Yourself," which encouraged employees to improve their work performance by understanding and developing their strengths, and "How to Let Go of the Past," which provided methods for self-development by analysing past achievements and failures.
Khorfakkan Public Library
Khorfakkan Public Library hosted 6 activities, including "Learn About Your Rights," a panel on caring for orphans with religious guidance, and "The Pitch is Yours," which emphasised the importance of sports in enhancing mental skills and building a positive personality. Another panel, "Ways to Have a Second Source of Income Without Capital," provided participants with valuable tips on establishing small businesses with guaranteed profits and effective marketing methods.
Kalba Public Library
Kalba Public Library organised 5 activities, including "Safe Motherhood Journey," which raised awareness of healthy practices during pregnancy and how to overcome the challenges, and "Leading a Future Proactively and Integratively," which provided tips for employees on enhancing professional experience and developing organisational excellence.
Dibba Al Hisn Public Library
Dibba Al Hisn Public Library hosted 5 activities, including "How to be a Role Model," which emphasised the importance of listening to and respecting children, and "Healing Touch," which addressed complementary therapy as a means of promoting health and treating certain illnesses.
Al Dhaid Public Library
Al Dhaid Public Library organised 4 activities, including "A Leader Without Authority," which delved into the secrets of influencing others without being in a position of authority, and "Do You Want to Reprogram Your Brain?" which addressed common questions about daydreams and how to interpret them, as well as games to improve mental capabilities and learning skills.
Wadi Al Helo Public Library
Wadi Al Helo Public Library organised 4 activities, including "My Personal Plan," which stressed the importance of planning in achieving life goals, "How to Count Carbs Correctly," which introduced participants to carbohydrates and healthy food options, and "Fingerprints and Samples," which took youths on a journey to learn about the methods and technologies used in Sharjah Police criminal laboratories.